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Merge JPG Files Into One Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Use our online JPG merge to combine images into one document. No registration or signup is needed to use.

In principle, you cannot merge JPG images into one long, continuous image. However, what you can do is combine these JPGs into one PDF document. The output file will be similarly compressed, lightweight, and easy to be shared or viewed.

As the most popular online PDF software, we can assist you in achieving this task for free. There are two main ways to merge images into a single PDF file, which we will cover below.

How to merge JPG to PDF the quick way

  1. Go to the JPG to PDF tool, drag and drop your JPGs in.

  2. Rearrange the images in the correct order.

  3. Click ‘Create PDF Now’ to merge the images.

  4. Download your single document on the following page.


Merge multiple JPGs to PDF in one go

Batch processing is enabled for the JPG to PDF tool to simultaneously upload and merge image files. The preview function also has an array of options for you to adjust the letter size, margin, and orientation of the output file. Furthermore, there are functions to delete or zoom, to analyze the uploaded files. As the converter supports numerous other image types, you are welcome to upload PNG, GIF, TIFF, or BMP images as well.

How to merge JPG to PDF, the slightly more tedious way:

  1. Convert each image to PDF with our converter.

  2. Download all of your files.

  3. Go to the Merge PDF tool.

  4. Drag all converted PDFs in the toolbox.

  5. Hit ‘Merge’, wait and download the final merged PDFs.

In this case, you’d need first to convert each image to PDF format. On the bright side, there are no limitations when it comes to the number of PDF pages or files that could be exported. With the merge tool, you may throw in as many PDFs as you’d like into the drop area, and combine multiple files in one go.

What are the associated costs?


There are two versions of Smallpdf. Our free online platform is available for anyone to use, to convert JPG to PDF, limitedly. Once you have hit the usage limitation, you can sign up for a free trial for two weeks, which is more than enough time to process your images in such urgency.

All uploaded images, as well as the output file, will be removed from the Smallpdf servers after one hour. During this time, do check out our suite of 18+ tools to help you organize, convert, and manage digital documents, from JPG to PDF!


Can't go wrong with our JPG merger

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager